Federal Court Structure

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Register to read the introduction… Federal judges have cases concerning federal laws, constitutionality of a law, disputes between states, and bankruptcy cases.
The federal court structure is made up of three court systems the Supreme Court, the district (trail) court, and the appellate court.
The district (trial) court within limits has jurisdiction to nearly every aspects to federal cases like civil and criminal cases. There are two special trial courts that have a nationwide jurisdiction over certain cases, the court of international trade which involves addressing cases about international trade and customs issues. Then the United States court of federal claims which jurisdiction claims over most monetary damages against the U.S disputing over federal unlawful contracts of private property by the federal government and many other type of claims
Page 4 against the U.S. There are 94 federal judicial districts; each district includes a United States bankruptcy court as a part of a selection of the district
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The Supreme Court is the highest federal court system, which interprets the final word on the law in the country. There are nine justices who sit on the Supreme Court that are nominated by the president and approved by the senate, the justice chooses the cases they hear every year based on the implications or the results for Americans or a group in society, same cases that went through were Miranda vs. Arizona which gave the person or persons who were arrested the right to be briefed of their legal rights the timing of the arrest. Another case being The Brown vs. Board of education in Topeka is the ruling that was the beginning of the end of segregation between races in American public schools.
The State of Texas court structure is highly complex, made up of five layers of courts that protrude onto each other’s jurisdictions multiple times. Texas judiciary system is made up of the Texas constitution (Article 5 which describes the powers jurisdictions and the composition of all the court systems) and Texas government code (1) and Texas probate code (2) of the law of Texas. Municipal courts- the most active of the court systems the crimes committed are related

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