Fast Food And Low Income Communities Essay

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Low income communities, including people of color, are exposed to fast-food restaurants that contain lower nutrients leading to malnutrition due to its affordably. While high priced restaurant with sufficient nutrients are expensive, cooking at home will provide them an affordable option with all the nutrients necessary than the purchase of fast food.
Low income communities face greater chances of becoming malnourished since the cost of food is expensive and the only route, seemingly, more affordable is fast food that comes with a low cost. James et. al., in Do Minority and Poor Neighborhoods Have Higher Access to Fast-food Restaurants in the United States? infers the association of fast food with low income communities. He states that after the end results of his research “areas of concentration poverty had higher fast-food access compared to less impoverished Census block group (GSPs). According to his results, there was a 95% of all GSPs that was associated with fast food in low income neighborhoods (Peter).
Children and young adults face greater obesity rates in low income communities since they are mostly targeted for the fast food market. Isgor et. al., in Child-Direction Marketing Inside and on the Exterior of Fast Food Restaurants focuses on how the youth are their Fast Food business. Isgor et. al. states how these communities are the most targeted, some with kids’ toy, which leads these children to create the habit of eating fast food all through their adulthood.…

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