Family And Tradition : Family, Tradition, Like Movie Night Or Taco Friday?

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Imagine a world, dear reader, without your family. No one to hug you. No one to share your days with. No one to play catch with. No one to celebrate your birthdays with. Now without family, imagine your holidays: no one to take you trick-or-treating. No one to have Thanksgiving dinner with. No one to watch fireworks with on 4th of July. Imagine the loss of even the littlest tradition, like movie night or taco tuesday. Traditions require family to work, therefore it shapes your perspective and interaction with them. Take that away, Family is weakened, but still molds you. Take that away, you become a husk, a shell of what you should’ve been with your family and the traditions they hold dear. An individual’s family and tradition have the most influence on one’s perspective because it molds and shapes an individual into the person they should be. It sets them on a road, a road they’ll keep travelling forever. Family can develop a person’s perspective because we interact with our families, or those we can consider to be family on a daily basis. Thier opinions, although not one 's own can in fact sway our minds much easier than anyone else. A family is closer to a person than any other group of people. So in turn, we are persuaded by our family, and their actions. These create perspective. For example in her essay, Thanksgiving: A Personal History, Jennifer New creates a scene for us where she is with her family, as a child. This scene “brought us here together”(New, 69) and it…

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