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Fall Semester 2016/2017
Georges Namroud,151099
Q.1) 1.

Data Information
"Data" comes from a singular Latin word, datum, which originally meant "something given." Its early usage dates back to the 1600s. Over time "data" has become the plural of datum. "Information" is an older word that dates back to the 1300s and has Old French and Middle English origins. It has always referred to "the act of informing, " usually in regard to education, instruction, or other knowledge communication. can be any character, text, words, number, pictures, sound, or video and, if not put into context, means little or nothing to a human. Example:Joe,Smith,1234 Circle,SLC,UT,84084,8015553211 is useful and usually formatted in a manner that allows it to be understood by a human. Example:Joe Smith
1234 Circle
Salt Lake City, UT 84084
Data is, when clean, a fact. Data that has been processed to make it useful.
Data can be stored easily, and at a low cost. The right information in the right place.
Data can be copied easily, often using computerized methods. Data plus meaning.
Data can exist in more than one place, so data is often duplicated. The foundation of correct decisions.
Data can be modified and moved quickly and simply. A known fact, or thing, used as a basis for inference or reckoning.
Data can be misrepresented, depending on its interpretation. Data in context.
Data has no value until it is used.
Data does not mature, nor does it improve with age — in fact,…

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