Fairy Tales By Charles Perrault Essays

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Conceivably, Little Red Riding Hood is one of the most well-known fairy tales in children’s literature. In the vicinity, the story has been modified from Italian 14th Century “Grandmother” right to the 19th century Grimms brother. This paper will be analyzed through the work of Charles Perrault, version of the tale which is seen in both English and French. As most know the oral folk tale has a happy ending, however, Perrault version in the literary sense does not and this is where he gives the reader a chance to acknowledge there are more outcomes in life than just a positive ending. Perrault gives his readers the opportunity to learn from his story of how morals and history are of value to us. We learn this throughout the sexual undertones and how vulnerability and innocence can be treacherous. It also portrays attributes of how a man can be devious and manipulate a person so naïve, just as his character in the tale. Nevertheless, the ending can depict a sense of hope for a child, when referring back to his version and understand his moral message that he presented at the end of Little Red Riding Hood.

As stated previously, Charles Perrault published both a French Le Petit Chaperon Rouge and English version Little Red Riding Hood, which reflected the French history and beauty. His works derived from the pre-exiting folk tales where he decided to set in a new foundation for the literary fairy tale.

He portrayed his female characters from the French women he encountered…

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