Essay Fairy Tales Are Not What Most Of The World Knows They Are

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Cinderella Fairy tales are not what most of the world thinks they are. Quite a few of them are horrifying and gruesome but all of the stories have a specific meaning to them just like any other. In more ways than one, “The fairy tale demonstrates what it meant to be beautiful and heroic and how to achieve “royal” status with the help of grace and good fortune”(Zipes 4). Many of these stories have stood up against the test of time due to ethnic groups using storytelling to recover history and keep their rituals alive over time. Fairy tales hold history and inspire unrealistic things that influence children and others to think outside the box, as well as pass their ideas on to others. Though our society today has twisted and mangled the real definition of beauty and royalty, the morals behind the tales remain the same. “Cinderella”, the story of a girl being confined by some conditions she can not change, has her own beliefs about beauty and royalty. The tale of “Cinderella” comes together by the analysis of its history, archetypal elements, and its morals. There is a good amount of history hidden behind the original fairytale of “Cinderella”. Once upon a time in exquisite city of Paris, France, there was a man named Charles Perrault who laid the foundation for a new (at the time) literary genre called the fairy tale and wrote many of them including Cinderella in 1697. The story of “Cinderella” has withstood the test of time throughout many diverse cultures around the…

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