Fairy Tales Are Not Only Viewed On Movie Screens Essay

1191 Words Nov 14th, 2016 5 Pages
Fairy tales are not only viewed on movie screens or passed down through generations. Many of us live fairy tale lives or experience Grimm fairy tale scenarios day by day, but not everyone witnesses a happy ending. Various individuals have lives filled with domestic abuse, illness, and gruesome traumas. Valerie Gribben argues that fairy tales have helped her during her medical practice as a doctor, and these tales have helped Gribben cope with the grim realities of the world by reminding her that happy endings are possible. However, I do not share the belief that fairy tales help us deal with daily experiences throughout our lives. Moreover, there are more stories of wicked people and chaos witnessed throughout the world than fairy tale endings such as, terminal diseases, rape, hate and death . Where is the happy ending for patients with terminal diseases and victims of rape? Gribben shared some experiences throughout her medical career in her essay which made us believe that fairy tale endings occur frequently. The truth is there are way more occasions where every possible incorrect thing can happen.
Gribben provides a specific example of a patient whose vital organs were being devoured by cancer. When would his happy ending occur? When he is laying lifeless on his deathbed? This happens to lots of cancer patients, they are full of perseverance and motivation to go through the chemotherapy process but in the end can 't pull through. In Gribben’s essay “Practicing Medicine…

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