Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury Essay

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Living in Mental Isolation
In the book Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, a seemingly unreal world is created, in which books are demonized and everyone believes that being different is a crime. In this story, a society is raised to be unaware of their feelings and emotions, and is taught that it is not normal to think critically. Much different than today’s average world, this futuristic world teaches individuals that being adventurous is wrong. Wanting to learn more and expanding their minds is not as vital as one may think, and asking the question “why” is frowned upon. With the lack of expectation and the ability to expand the mind it overall leads to a world of mental isolation. Being raised in a futuristic society that is detached from reality leaves individuals numb to emotions, with no sense of social awareness, and with confined imagination. Within this sense of a futuristic world people have no sense of being thoughtful, even with the ones they are suppose to love the most. Societies superficial look on life leaves no meaning to anyone’s emotions, connections, or even enjoying what the world actually is. In part three, Burning Bright, “Guy Montag’s face was entirely numb and featureless; he felt his head turn like a stone carving to the dark place next door, set in its bright border of flowers” (Bradbury 107). Also in the book, the war was mentioned several times. Information is left behind in many different ways about the war is just another instance when it comes…

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