Factors Of Children In Delinquency

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Sierra Purden
CCJ 4700
Summer 2016
Assignment Three
Introduction: The constant desire to know what causes children to engage in delinquency is a passion that many criminologists have chased for years. Two of the most commonly known factors of such delinquent potential stem from a lack of educational advancements and a low income household or support system. These two independent variables change the likelihood of a student turning to mischievous deeds and activity. The dependent variable in this study, delinquency, is often experimented with in youthful ages, but is extremely more likely to occur when a student is struggling and school and has a lack of strong support in their household. The unit of analysis that has been studied to find
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This existing study was part of the Survey of Adolescent Life in Vestmanland, Sweden (2006), a survey dispersed twice-yearly by the County Council of Västmanland, Sweden, to observe the psycho-social health of the county’s youth population (Aslund et Al, 2013). All students in their second year of high school ranging from 17-18 years of age were asked to participate in a questionnaire during regularly scheduled class hours (Aslund et Al, 2013). Participation was completely voluntary and exclusively anonymous, making it easier for students to feel comfortable answering honestly. A collective total of 2,263 students accomplished the questionnaire (Aslund et Al, 2013). Delinquency was measured by a series of questions asking how often individuals had completed specific delinquent tasks. These tasks ranged from petty theft, to vandalism, to drug use and beyond. Answers were given on a 7 point scale with 1 representing a low amount of offenses and 7 representing the highest (Aslund et Al, 2013). Familial socioeconomic status was recorded similarly, using a modified version of the Goodman scale of Adolescent Social Status. There were large associations between the measures of social status and offending. Adolescents with medium familial socioeconomic status had the lowest delinquency rankings and adolescents with low family socioeconomic status had the highest rates of delinquency, followed by adolescents with high family status (Aslund et Al,

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