Factors Contributing Factors On Risk Factors Essay

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A variety of studies can be utilized in the attempt to determine both causal and contributing factors regarding risk factors. Out of the multiple typologies surrounding the concept for research, one observational variety to consider is ecological. As with all methods of measurement, ecological studies have been shown to have both strengths and weaknesses. However, when considering the substantial strong correlations that have been found when using this method, whether it be those regarding diet in concern with alzheimer 's or diet and cancer, the potential for this type of research is made clearer. In order to fully comprehend the possibility of success and failure when using this research method, one must reflect on the strengths, weaknesses, a few key example, including John Snow’s hunt for cholera during the mid 1800’s, and how it will influence future studies. Ecological studies are observational in nature, recording only specified factors of a population. Rather than focusing on individuals, the attention is diverted to the population as a whole. The specific characteristics taken into account within this type of research varies, but can include a physical, mental or social attribute of the community (bmj). One must utilize this type of research to either measure a population at different times or measure two populaces at the same point (au). They are utilized in public health to examine the outcome between exposure and effect in a population (ssw). A correlation is…

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