What Is The Turning Point In The Kite Runner

In the novel, The Kite Runner, Khaled Hosseini portrays his story through the eyes of Amir, taking us through his entire life journey after he witnessed a traumatic event, showing the readers to increase sympathy towards him by the end of the book. The rape of his friend/brother, Hassan, demonstrates a turning point in the rest of Amir’s actions throughout the book. We would think that the guilt building inside of Amir would push him into the direction of admitting to Hassan that he stood by and watched what had happened. Instead, Amir isolates himself from Hassan, carrying the burden of his secret throughout the rest of his life, hurting the people closest to him in the process. He was able to shake the thoughts of his friend, while living …show more content…
After Amir's childhood, the book moves at a very abrupt pace. Following his move from Afghanistan to his new home in America, where he and Baba start a new life together. There he graduates college and begins to writing fiction stories as his new job, due to the lack of confidence from his father. “ And what will you do while you wait to get discovered?How will you earn money?”(134) Amir follows with how he will find a job but his dad just brushes him off. The lack lust support given to Amir throughout his life makes him doubt himself and his achievements. This instilled the reader with empathy towards Amir being the sole people wanting him to finally find a goodness in his life. Although this does not come yet, living in America turns out to be a lot harder than they thought. With new customs and mediocre jobs, they find it hard to adapt to their new lives. On top of these hardships, his dad is diagnosed with cancer. The only person he has left to depend on is slipping away from him, and nothing he says or does can help Baba out. While in the doctor's office Baba is told that they can not cure what he has, but they can prolong it. Amir tries convincing Baba to take treatment but he snaps at him, “Don’t you challenge me in public, Amir. Ever. Who do you think you are?”(156). Amir is trying to hold on to the person he has given everything up for. He gave up his Friendship. His Childhood. His honesty. His entire life, to gain one man’s seal of approval. In the end, Amir will have to realize that his life shouldn’t be given up for Baba, he takes this first step in launching his writing career and meeting his first love Soraya. Up to this point in his life, Amir has lost everything including his loved ones and his home, but he has also gained confidence and strength to embrace his new lifestyle. He

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