Facebook 's Impact On Human Behavior Essay

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Facebook’s Impact on Human Behavior
Facebook is a social media networking platform located in Menlo Park, California. Users are allowed to create a personal profile and interact with others through uses such as pictures, comments, videos, and status updates. They are also permitted to engage in user groups composed of people who share common interests and goals. An individual is able to view all sorts of content through his/her personal news feed, which features other users’ interactions including status updates and posts. As of March 31, 2016, Facebook has maintained at least 1.65 billion active users monthly. [2]
Human behavior consists of a variety of emotions and physical actions. It is affected by an indefinite amount of factors such as past experiences and observations. The psyche can be composed of an array stemming from acceptable, common, to unacceptable behavior. The individual’s mental state is always dynamic as a result; people’s psychological well-being are subject to change. The user’s psychological well-being can be affected by the quality and quantity of content present on his/her news feed.

History of Facebook
Facebook’s inception begins with Mark Zuckerberg during his years as a computer science student at Harvard University. He invented a website in October 2003 called Facemash in which users rate Harvard women based on their appearance. Facemash was then followed by Zuckerberg’s next idea called theFacebook. He maintained the stance that “the technology…

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