F. Scott Fitzgerald 's The Star Spangled Banner Essay

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Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald, better known as F. Scott Fitzgerald, was a famous American novelist and short story writer. Named after his famous relative Francis Scott Key who was famous for writing the "Star Spangled-Banner", F. Scott Fitzgerald was considered to be one of the greatest writers during the twentieth-century. However, Fitzgerald was not always as famous as he is now. Like most authors, there were many struggles in his career. His stories were usually turned down the first time, and he was told to continue working on them. His personal life was very interesting, full of twists and turns as he attempted to be famous. Most of his novels weren 't even best sellers until years after he had already passed away. Fitzgerald was born in 1896 in St. Paul Minnesota. His father, Edward Fitzgerald, was a failed furniture salesman, who then moved his family to upstate New York for business. When Scott was approximately 12 years old they moved back to there hometown in St. Paul. His mother was known to be a kind, ambitious woman who also owned a large amount of inheritance. Thanks to that money, the Fitzgerald family lived in an upper middle class environment. Fitzgerald learned at a young age that he was talented in writing. When he was just 13 years old he attended St. Paul Academy, where he published his first writing for the schools newspaper. Later on he went to a Catholic prep school where he met Father Sigourney Fay who quickly saw Fitzgerald 's gift. Father…

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