Essay about F. Scott Fitzgerald 's A Sonata

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Since 1924, many critics found it inevitable to decline Wilson’s label of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s first novel as “a phantasmagoria of incident that had no dominating intention to endow it with unity and force. In short, one of the chief weaknesses of This Side of Paradise is that it is really not about anything: its intellectual and moral content amounts to little more than a gesture—a gesture of indefinite revolt.” (The Shores of Light) But This Side Paradise does consist of a unity and force; and in it comes in the form of an Impressionistic musical piece in a Sonata structure, which consists of an Exposition, Development, and Recapitulation. The story of Amory Blaine reflect a classical structure within the two subtitle books, connected by a short interlude, is organized in generally analogous and parallel patterns. Throughout the novel, Fitzgerald orchestrates a Sonata in which the subjects of the Sonata are presented as the basis of Amory’s early life, and manipulated in structural patterns. He comes to the realization that “life is essentially a cheat and its conditions are those of defeat ... the redeeming things are not "happiness and pleasure" but the deeper satisfactions that come out of struggle.” (F Scott Fitzgerald, ) Therefore, tracing the parallel structure of This Side of Paradise illuminates Fitzgerald’s organization of an Impressionistic Sonata piece he composes to convey the development of a personality to a personage.
A sonata is an instrumental…

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