Exploring Violence Within The Travel Narrative Essay

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Exploring Violence within the Travel Narrative.
Geoff Dyer travels to Cambodia, Emily Malone to Brazil, and Joan Didion to Las Vegas, Nevada. They all share a common experience - they are travellers, and authors, they come bearing a western perspective and they deal with the reality and effect of violence. When an author from a privileged background, defined in this instance as a background free from governmental or militarized violence, travels to a country or place affected by violence, do they have a responsibility to portray the effect that violence has had on that place? All three texts - “Yoga for people who can’t be bothered to do it,” “Marrying Absurd” and “Mr. Tingler” share one aspect; all three essays acknowledge the reality of violence and its influence on the places that they are portraying. Didion addresses it subtly, stating that the draft for the Vietnam war had caused there to be a record number of weddings on a certain day, in a desperate attempt to avoid being shipped overseas. Dyer acknowledges it as a fact throughout his text, referencing Cambodia’s history without making it the center of the text. Malone makes the reader think with her forthright observations about the subject.
Joan Didion travels to Las Vegas to document love during the Vietnam war, and the way that the city of sin served as a hail mary for men avoiding the draft. Didion is an observer of this culture of excess and commercialization at the time of the draft for the Vietnam war, and…

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