Explication Of Where The Sidewalk Ends Essays

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Explication of “Where the Sidewalk Ends”
Shel Silverstein’s poem “Where the Sidewalk Ends” is an eclectic concoction; it begins with a playful, childlike stock while stirring in a deeper, mature message. The poem starts its journey in a magically enchanting world, but it shifts suddenly as it travels into darkness. To escape, the speaker suggests following the arrows the children have drawn, pointing away from the grimness to “go where the chalk-white arrows go...To the place where the sidewalk ends” (14,16). Although the speaker uses fun literary elements to elude the reader through the adolescent realm initially, an unexpected purpose is exposed: children, in their pure and innocent nature, have valuable insight to offer their elders; and although life will inevitably force its inhabitants to explore seemingly bleak elements, the visit to the darkness should never be prolonged.
In the beginning, the reader enters a delightfully childlike fantasy world where the “grass grows” (3) white and the “peppermint wind” (6) cools a “moon-bird” (5). The grass is white which captures the reader’s attention immediately because of the contrast of reality. It is an unusual, yet ideal landscape for kids: it is soft, inviting, and safe. “The sun burns crimson bright” (4) which depicts a remarkable image of the sky in its most beautiful form on a warm, sunny day: perfect for playing outdoors. The peppermint wind vividly illustrates what this magical place feels and even smells…

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