Essay about Explanation Of Visual Project For Assignment 1

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Explanation of Visual Project for Assignment 1
The Sengoku Jidai, or Warring States Period, was the time of great change and evolution with Japan, which lead the country into the modern era. This period saw the country become entangled in a savage civil war that saw the weakening and eventual complete disregard of the established government 's power, the fracturing of the country into small territorial clans. This fracturing also allowed for old established clans to fall and dissolve, and the rising of new clans, from the ashes of the crumbling system. As my project has will be split into three separate parts, my essay is divided into three focusing on each visual aspect. The 1st part will describe the period from just before the Onin War (1467 - 1477) up until the Battle at Okehazama (1560), the 2nd part will contain the efforts of Oda Nobunaga (1534 - 1582), the ruler of the Oda clan and prominent Daimyo, in trying to unify Japan under Oda rule, and finally the 3rd focuses upon Toyotomi Hideyoshi (1536 - 1598) and his political reforms beginning the legitimization of the Japanese Shogunate as an actual governmental entity.

Japan has always had an emperor however his power was mostly ceremonial, as they instead allowed the men below them to rule the country. The man who truly held power during this time was the Shogun, a military dictator appointed by the emperor.Ashikaga Yoshimitsu (r. 1368 - 1394) help the office of shogun roughly a century before the…

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