Explain Why Was The Weimar Republic Doomed To Fail

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Dilan Hussein
Professor David Fisk
Political Science 120
25th October 2016

Was the Weimar Republic doomed to fail? Why or Why not?

Germany’s current political structure has been the result of multiple changes throughout the century. In a span of 20 years the country went from an authoritarianism regime to a democracy to a totalitarianism party. Today Germany is a significant ally to the United States and to many other countries. But this was not always the case. As Evans once stated “the past is a foreign country: they do things differently there” (Evans). It may be seen as a success story in the European Union after WWII but it was a disaster after WWI. In recent years it has built itself up politically, economically and culturally. But
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These ideas involved economics, institutions and cultural factors to help achieve their goal. Unfortunately, these same factors were what worked against them. Economically, the first couple of years after WWI ended were difficult but they began to get back on its feet. The inflations got under control and had remained secure. As I stated above, this was due to many foreign loans. Therefore, when the Great Depression hit Germany in the 1930’s, the working class felt it the hardest. This gave the middle class fear in what their country was turning into. During this time, the Nazi party were gaining massive public support which would only strengthen the …show more content…
There were so many factors that played into the hands of the Nazi party to weaken the Weimar Republic that it was not possible for a democratic system to remain in place. Citizens of a nation, who play a major part of the political system, no matter how educated they are, will make sure their voices are heard when they are unhappy. When a nation is suffering financially and the new political institutions in place are weak and unstable then citizens will have a say in how they feel and most likely through voting or even by simply protesting, then the political power will crumble in a democratic state. Prior to a democratic state, Germany was under an authoritarianism. If we take a look at todays Middle East, we can see that many countries are under an authoritarianism power. When these countries attempt to move to a democratic system, it is unsuccessful. In my personal belief the recovery, which Germany had undergone, from authoritarianism to democratic is difficult. When a nation is use to limited political freedoms and a government that is unsure of how to create a modern liberal democracy, many issues occur if it is not done

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