Expansion Of America At Native Americans Essay

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Expansion of America at Native Americans Expense

The decades preceding the Civil War were consumed by the pursuit of empire in the American West by the United States. Indians who inhabited immense part of the territory, fought to defend and conserve their cultural identity. Native Americans opposed as a flood of settlers and the conversion of their environment confronted them. Ultimately, extension in the American West comprised of conquering, displacement, and the ruling over Native Americans. The American West and Indian wars continued until 1890, and severely depleted the Native American population (Roark, 491).

The Indian removal policy allowed the army to push Indians off their land to territory west of Mississippi. In the 1830’s, the Jackson Indian removal unwillingly forced thousands of Native Americans, including children to walk hundreds of miles to assigned territory. An innumerable amount of Indians died of exhaustion, disease, and hunger on this outstretched journey. The Cherokees were a tribe forced on this path; they called it, “the trail on which we cried” (Roark, 493). Ten thousands of Plains Indians met up at Fort Laramie to bring to terms a treaty that capitulated a broad piece of their land to allow a path for wagon trains. In hopes to preserve their culture, the Indians signed the treaty of Fort Laramie in 1851, the government promised that the remainder of their land would not be violated (Roark, 493-494). The fever for gold…

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