Existential and Humanistic Theories Essay

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Parrott, L., III. (2003). Counseling and psychotherapy (2nd ed.). Pacific Grove, CA: Thomson/Brooks/Cole.

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|Week One: Overview of Models and Theories of Helping |
|Existential and Humanistic Theories and Approaches to Change |
| |Details |Due |Points |
|Objectives |Identify the components of a model or theory of helping.
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Participate in class discussion. |Sat. |1.5 |
|participation | |3-17 | |
|OPTIONAL: Non-graded |Begin to create resource files with descriptions of tools and skills from many of the models | | |
| |and theories discussed in this course to help you accumulate resources for the situations you| | |
| |will encounter as a human services clinician. Material for these resource files will be | | |
| |developed in the Learning Team Conferences and shared with the rest of the class members. You| | |
| |may add anything to your own files that you find on their own and that you think might be | | |
| |helpful. The files are for your use to develop and expand your knowledge and confidence in | | |
| |working with

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