Importance Of Criminal Justice Essay

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Problem Statement
When individuals witness a crime, they will be able to aid the police without fear of harm from those wielding ill intent. Because it is never easy to commit the perfect crime, there are often witnesses to criminal acts that may have the information needed to put a person or group rightfully in prison. Those same people who carry the burden of being a witness become something else in the eyes of a criminal, a potential target. In many urban areas it is a common phrase that “snitches get stiches” and from there, the rational fear of witness intimidation emerges (Whitman & Davis, 2007). When a witness does not report a criminal act, that criminal is free to commit the same act once more which may result in that witness or a
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With that, there are a multitude of reasons why it is best to always get away with a crime. One of the most effective ways for getting away with a crime has always been not having anyone at the scene to bear witness. Because things hardly ever just work out smoothly for someone obstructing from social norms, a lot of times there are witnesses and therefore, an offender needs to keep them from cooperating with law enforcement for various reasons. This very need is at the center of potential causes of the problem. Beyond the obvious reasoning behind witness intimidation, there are also cultural beliefs that could be a potential cause. There are plenty of African Americans out there that believe that there are too many of their own people locked away in prison. With this state of mind, declining to help the police can be construed as helping out the African American community instead. Then there’s the disapproval of informants making deals with law enforcers and benefiting because of it (Conan, 2006). When thoughts such as these are not shared by everyone in a community, that is when witness intimidation rears its head and innocents get caught in the

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