Examples Of Values In The Great Gatsby

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Morgan Joyce
Junior English
28 September 2016 Values In the 1920’s, different areas of America were very different. In the city there was lots of illegal partying and no one had manners. Outside the city it was plain and everyone valued each other. The 1920’s is also known for their style, which consisted of many fringed clothing, and women had their hair very short. A book that is known for taking place in this decade is The Great Gatsby. In this book, a character, Nick Carraway comes to the city for a summer. When he comes he learns everyone parties, and commits adulterine. Carraway meets many characters throughout the summer and none of them show values like Carraway does. In the novel, The Great Gatsby, Carraway shows behaviors that classify his mid-western such as getting invited to events, not showing up, treating people the way you want to be treated, and don’t leave behind a person for selfish priorities. A value Carraway portrays in The Great Gatsby is being kind and making sure it is acceptable to come places. When Carraway comes to his first Gatsby party, he had an invitation and no one else had an invitation. He even went up to all of the workers and showed them it, to show that he was supposed to be there. “I was actually one of the few guests who actually have
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People get caught up with their own business and forget about others. Gatsby shows this trait when Daisy Buchanan and Gatsby go over to Carraway’s house and see each other after five years. Gatsby is so nervous he pulls Carraway aside and leaves Buchanan alone, which is not a good way to impress someone. “Not only that, but your rude, Daisy’s sitting in there all alone” (Fitzgerald 88). Carraway, of course uses his values and make sure Gatsby is not being rude. You never want to leave someone alone, they will feel left out and like you do not care. Carraway’s has many great Midwestern values he shows in this

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