Examples Of Satire In The Crucible

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The Crucible is a satire that illustrates the problems that come with a hive mind mentality and the damage that can do to a society. Salem established itself as a religious community that got caught in the midst of evil. The people of Salem considered the forest the domain of evil because of their way of life. Abigail Williams and her group of girls made claims that their were witches loose in Salem. That made the hysteria in Salem begin. Their false claims ruined families and increased the hostility in Salem. Who ever are accused of being or practicing witchcraft can either confess that they are a witch (them not actually being one or them lying about it) so they do not get hanged, or they do not confess and get hanged. No one stands up to the court to say the witch trials are false because they are afraid the court will try them for witchcraft.
Salem being a religious community they always wanted people to be all about church and God. There always is evil in the world, but they
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It made people believe they could do what they believed was right to do. The town went into complete chaos because of the “witchcraft”. People were getting accused left and right and everyone was just afraid they were going to be accused next. They started shaming Abigail and her group of girls so they would not look at them and accuse them. Soon everything started getting so bad that Abigail hurt herself to accuse some women of witchcraft because she wanted revenge with what happened with her.
Damaging society is easy with a hive mind mentality. Salem was caught in the midst of evil even being a religious community. Their way of life made things the domain of evil. False claims of witchcraft by Abigail Williams and her group cause Salem to have hysteria, it ruined families, it caused havoc, and killed innocent people. To not be hanged you had to confess of seeing the devil. No one had the guts to stand up to the court to falsify the

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