Examples Of Satire In A Modest Proposal

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Satire uses many different types of devices, like irony, humor, and exaggeration, to expose vices or follies in society. In A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift, a Menippean satire format is employed by the author, to advance the bizarre idea of using infants as food to fix economical and social issues in Ireland. Some critics think that Swift’s proposal was not very satirical but rather excessive hyperbole. The article “Have You Eaten yet? The Reader In A Modest Proposal” by Robert Phiddian, explains his thoughts about Swift’s A Modest Proposal, stating that the proposal leaves the readers unsettled since Swift is attacking the narrator of the proposal. Some people may agree with Phiddian since Swift wrote the proposal and he is satirically attacking himself. Also I agree with Philddian because it will confuse readers about the point that Swift is trying to get across. …show more content…
The Reader In A Modest Proposal” provides a considerable amount of information against Swift’s A Modest Proposal. The article describes how readers of Swift’s novel will react to the proposer’s gruesome ideas. Many reader who read A Modest Proposal the first time might come to the conclusion that if the text was suppose to be funny or not or why do people think that the text was humorous. Then if the reader read it more then once can somewhat say why was this Proposal even written. Philddian then explains that the interpretation of the Proposal involves awareness and reader can distinguish the gap between the narrator’s and text

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