Examples Of Religion As A Coping Mechanism

Religion as a Coping Mechanism
Religion and psychology have been in conflict for many decades. After all, it was once a common belief during the medieval ages that mental illnesses were a result of witchcraft or demonic possession. Both witchcraft and demonic possession are considered to be acts against God. However, those who have studied psychology have liberated mankind from these religious superstitions. Fortunately, throughout time, people have a different and more open perception on mental illnesses. There are many Americans who are diagnosed with a mental illness as well as many Americans who practice some form of religion. Religion can be used as a coping mechanism for religious individuals who are in need of strategies to help reduce
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This thought may help alleviate some of the problems they are experiencing. Any rituals performed may also provide meaning towards daily events and reduce uncertainties. One common ritual that is practiced is prayer. Although prayer itself cannot cure an individuals of their mental illness, it can provide a sense of control because they are relying on their God to regain their health. For some individuals with mental illnesses, religious activities, such as prayer, can convey a sense of control and meaning (Tepper et al., 2001). This can be seen in individuals who suffer from severe levels of mental illnesses and personal limitations. These individuals may have exhausted other resources throughout their search for hope, power, and understanding of their illness; therefore, religious activities such as prayer can reinvigorate the suffer of mental illnesses a sense of control. According to Mohr, Brandt, Borras, Gilliéron, & Huguelet (2006), for patients diagnosed with schizophrenia, religion used as a positive coping mechanism has given them hope, purpose, and meaning to their lives. For 67% of patients, religion had given them meaning to their lives, 59% reported that religion provided a meaning to their illness, 60% reported that …show more content…
For some individuals diagnosed with a mental illness, religion can be the coping mechanism that helps them through the mental illness. For some, using religion as a coping mechanism can give people who are diagnosed with a mental illness a sense of control over their life and the mental illness. After experiencing severe symptoms of the diagnosed mental illness, some individuals may feel hopeless because to them, they have lost control over their lives and future. However, from individuals who decide to use religion as a coping mechanism, religion and the deity allows the individual regain that sense of control; as well as In some cases, religion can help alleviate individuals of the mental illness, and this can be possible through the usage of religious activities and prayer to alleviate a mental illnesses. However, religious activities are used as a secondary form of treatment, and not the primary form of treatment. Using religion as a coping mechanism or a treatment to mental illness accompanies prescribed medication and treatment. Religion can also be used as a haven for individuals diagnosed with a mental illness, and can provide a the path of recovery from a mental illness. It is important to note that the usage of religion as a coping mechanism does not work for everyone, and not everyone uses religion as a coping mechanism. Usually, people who use religion as a coping

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