Example Of Tyranny In Macbeth

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Register to read the introduction… Not content with the security of his position following the murder of Duncan, he sends out assassins to kill Banquo and Fleance, realizing that, "Upon my head they plac'd a fruitless crown...For them the gracious Duncan have I murther'd."9 And, when he fails to ensure his continued reign, he conscripts the same murderers to slay the innocent family of Macduff. He even becomes so haughty as to make demands of the witches, saying, "I conjure you...I will be satisfied: deny me this, And an eternal curse fall on you!"10 Receiving the witches premonitions that he is safe from any man born of woman, and will not fall until the great woods rise up against him, Macbeth feels himself invincible. Maddened by power, he fails to realize that these apparitions are twisted just as the previous had been and that the power he has taken contranaturally will be …show more content…
It was something that Duncan felt akin to as he observed the "castle hath a pleasant seat; that air Nimbly and sweetly recommends itself Unto our gentle senses."11 We never see Macbeth open to Nature. In the same vein, the forces or nature despair at Duncan's death, as "the earth Was ferverous and did shake."12 And following the discovery of his body, "darkness does the face of earth entomb, When living light should kiss it? 'Tis unnatural."13 Nature reacted to Duncan's death, and it also silently mocked his killers, playing a hand in their madness, as Macbeth realizes that his "hand will rather The multitudinous sea incarnadine, Making the green on red."14 Nature will never forgive him for Duncan's murder, and it will never forget. It comes full circle when the trees of Birnam wood seem to rise up against Macbeth. He called it impossible, and Nature proved him wrong. Not only that, but a man not born of woman, a freak of Nature, would be his undoing. Macduff, born by Caesarian, must have coddled by Nature to survive such a birth. Fittingly, a man who had to right to be alive would be defeat the tyrant who had to right to

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