Example Of Tort Law

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According to (Arthur & David, 2014) tort law is described as "a collection of principles describing the legal system 's civil (noncriminal) response to injuries one person inflicts on the other". This view is share by Linda et al (2012) who define a tort as "A civil wrong for which the victim receives a remedy in the form of damages". With these facts stated, I think that it can be said that tort law is the body of laws regarding civil wrongs that cause harm to another person because of something that the tortfeasor did or failed to do. This harm can be a physical injury, a financial loss or damages that would not have occurred but for the lack of due care or reasonableness of the tortfeasor.

Tort laws offer remedies to the plaintiff
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Under a nuisance cause of action, we consider that everyone has the right to have the benefit of enjoying in their own land and if anyone interferes then they are liable to sued in “nuisance”. Examples of nuisance are being noisy, disturbing your neighbors, creating bad smells or polluting the land.

Business Torts:
Business torts, also known as economic torts are damages done to businesses or organizations. The damages involve commercial transactions such as intangible assets like reputation, brand, business relationship with its partners and clients and intellectual property. Product Liability is a business tort. An example of this tort is when manufacturers of products release their product and it causes injuries to a person or public. The plaintiff sues the manufacture on the basis that they did not follow proper regulation and were negligent when producing the final product.

Wrongful death:
Wrongful death law is relevant in tort cases because it can be used by the plaintiffs surviving family members to sue the defendant for misconduct in causing the death of the victim. The aim of the law is to compensate the victims surviving family members for the wrongful death. The time limit for filling for this suit can vary depending on the state (HG,
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Tort law throughout history has been and continues to be updated to protect people better. Torts law has also helped businesses develop new ways of producing products and services. For example, many people have sued companies for manufacturing dangerous products and through this process have forced companies to improve their products, place adequate warning labels on their products and in some cases even remove products from the stores.

Tort laws have changed how companies conduct business, how they view their customers, and they deter businesses from putting profits ahead of safety. A company has to think twice before releasing a product or service into the market that is not as safe as it could reasonably be. They don’t want to pay hefty compensations to people for damages their products cause. This forces businesses to be innovative and create better products that won’t harm people, thereby improving product safety and promoting safer consumer

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