Evolution And Creationism : Public Schools And The Implications For Bible

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We have often talked about our position as teachers in a school, whether public or private, is that of a missionary in a mission field. Therefore, it is important for us to know the legal capacities for us to be the light in the schools where we will teach. This paper will address several court cases that have affected the teachings of evolution and creationism in public schools and the implications for Bible-believing teachers.
One of the most famous events regarding the teaching of Creation in public schools was the Scopes Monkey Trial. While this court case did not go up to the Supreme Court, it did have a great impact on the rest of similar cases, with the State of Tennessee vs. Scopes becoming the freedom call to evolutionists around the country. In March of 1925, the Tennessee legislature banned the instruction of evolution in Tennessee schools. John Scopes, a high school science teacher, was arrested in May of the same year for teaching evolution in his classroom. This case became popular not because of its decision, but because of the famous debates between Bryan, who led the prosecution, and Scopes, the defendant. The result was much criticism for Bryan’s inability to defend his position. Even though Scopes was proven guilty, the evolutionists were not ready to give up, and the push for evolutionary teaching intensified.
Two Supreme Court cases set the scene for the decline of creationism in public schools. Three years after the Scopes Trial, an Arkansas law was…

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