Evil, Evil And Evil Essays

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In “The Psychology of Evil,” Zimbardo defines evil as “ The exercise of power to intentionally harm (psychologically) , hurt (physically),and/or destroy (mortally) and commit crimes against humanity.” In the short stories, “ The Man in the Well” and “The Lottery” evil is presented as a toxic poison that is morally corrupt, wicked, and vicious. In both essays evil has the ability to turn innocent children into killers, through Zimbardo 's three categories of evil: dispositional, situational, systemic.
Dispositional evil is the evil that is found inside an individual. An evil that sits dormant until a situation brings it out. In “The Lottery” the evil disposition of the townspeople is ceremoniously brought out every June when the annual lottery takes place. On this particular day in June according to this short story, it was “...clear and sunny, with the fresh warmth of a full sunny day; the flowers were blossoming profusely and the grass was richly green.” (Jackson). All of the townspeople including the children prepare for this death day by performing various rituals such as gathering stones to stuff their pockets or pile high in the corner of the town square. They came together as though it were a time of fellowship to swap stories of this year 's crops, talk of tractors and other goings on. The women swapped stories of gossip all while the children horse played and ran around laughing. The Lottery was a tradition that was celebrated much like happier traditions such…

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