Everyday Use By Alice Walker Essay

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Merriam-Webster dictionary defines heritage as “the traditions, achievements, beliefs, etc., that are part of the history of a group or nation (Merriam-Webster).” Our heritage can affect who we are and how we define ourselves. Sometimes our heritage can be redefined with new generations. Each person can perceive their heritage differently. Some people are proud of their heritage while others want to leave it in the past and start over. What’s good for one person may not be good for another even within the same family. In 1973, Alice Walker who is a novelist, short story writer, poet and a political activist, wrote “Everyday Use”. “Everyday Use” is a short story that follows two sisters, Maggie and Dee, who live with their mother in the deep south. Maggie is shy and humble and embraces her African-American culture and heritage while her other sister Dee has a problem accepting their culture and heritage. There are several examples in “Everyday Use” that show the reader what Maggie and Dee go through and how their different experiences in their childhood alter their beliefs in what their African-American culture is and how they should follow it. A significant factor is that one of the sisters gains access to a good education while the other can barely read. We begin to see how our experiences can alter what we believe is important and how we identify with our culture and heritage. Walker herself grew up in the deep south and was the youngest of eight children.…

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