Everyday Use Analytical Essay

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Characterization is used to address how ignorant a person can be to his or her heritage in the short story “Everyday Use,” by Alice Walker. The author shows the way of living, of a family to display the reader the way heritage is forgotten and, or ignored. In this short story the author uses a mother, and two daughters, Dee and Maggie, to demonstrate how different the thoughts are between a family and how they honor their heritage. Maggie is used in the story to show the reader how heritage is still followed and respected in a family. The narrator, Mama, describes Maggie’s appearance as not a so good looking girl. She is a burned child from an incident the family had: “[T]hat fire that burned the other house to the ground” (Mama). Mama …show more content…
The reader can acknowledge that Dee changed her name and lost respect towards her real name. Dee is also shown in the short story to as a stuck up and hypocrite woman. Dee stated, “I never knew how lovely these benches are. You can feel the rump prints” (Dee). This is an example of how hypocrite Dee was because she didn’t use to like the bench. Dee’s appearance is also shown in the story as a pretty girl. She had nice and noticeable legs: “But even the first glimpse of leg out of the car tells me it is Dee. Her feet were always neat looking” (Mama). Dee was also light skinned and had good hair. She was also really attractive. The narrator stated, “Dee is lighter than Maggie, with nicer hair and a fuller figure” (Mama). Dee is shown in the story to be a really smart woman. She is shown in the short story as a really well educated girl: “She used to read to us without pity; forcing words, lies, other folks habits, whole lives upon us two, sitting trapped and ignorant underneath her voice” (Mama). This is an example that provides to reader to know the way Dee put her education in work. The short story “Everyday Use,” by Alice Walker used characterization to illustrate the reader how a person can be so ignorant to his or her heritage. Heritage is something that shouldn’t be forgotten. In the short story, it is well shown to the reader that heritage plays a big role in a family. This lets the reader know

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