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Everyman faces Death
James M. Burnett
Liberty University


Thesis Statement: Everyman is a play that is deeply tied to the human condition. The author had a perception death and a direction of death that they wanted to share with the world. I aim to show and reveal the authors intention so that we may better understand death more.

I. Intro
II. Understanding the Author’s perception of death
a. The time period that everyman was written in.
b. How everyman relates to the culture it was written in.
c. The cultures perception of death compared to the Authors
III. The Treatment of Death in Everyman
a. How is death view within the play itself?
b. Society’s view of death
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There was much fear in faith and religion because of that. The Cultures perception of death in the Fourteenth Century was that of a child where there was too unknown. Fear was a tool to bring soul to God. The fear of death through war, sickness, and disease ran ramped in the in the Fourteenth Century. “In his study of the comparison of Everyman to the Flemish Elckerlyc, expert in English literature Henry Vocht found the teaching side of Everyman to be extremely important: “Like the mysteries, the original play was not composed for anything else but for the didactic, proselyte purpose of making every man of the audience think of salvation: for causing him to live a better and more religious life so as to prepare him for a good death”. (Robison, 2011) “The morality play of Everyman seems to have aroused among its audiences a feeling in which admiration, interest, curiosity, and bewilderment are more or less evenly blended. It is a departure from the routine drama not quite easy to accept without explanation. A performance so consistent, so simple, so genuine, so moving, and so entirely outside the bounds of modern convention is disturbing unless the tradition to which it conforms is clearly in mind. And if we examine the tradition of this play we have the clue to all the important work of the

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