Essay on Events That Happen At The Beginning Of Microbiology Period

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There were three significant events that happen at the beginning of microbiology period. The first event was the discovery of cells. A scientist name Robert Hooke was the first one to watch cells when he looked into a thin slice of cork, which we now use for closing wine, through a microscope that wasn’t as powerful but allowed him to see cells. Hooke then made a better microscope that had two sets of lenses which allowed him to see individual cells. His discovery started the beginning of the Cell Theory, which says that everything is made of cells. Since Hooke’s findings we have been able to keep studying diseases based on looking at cells, and since then new microscopes have been invented to continue to study new cells, bacteria viruses, and other microorganisms. Disproving spontaneous generation was also a great discovery. People thought that life could arise from nonliving things. There was a debate and some scientist were trying to prove that it was right and some said that it didn’t work that way. For example a scientist name John Needham boil chicken broth and corn broth before putting then into a covered flask and then he notice that it had microorganism. He then said that microorganism were develop from fluids. All of that was proven wrong when a scientist name Louis Pasteur was able to prove the biogenesis theory. This theory said that living cells can only arise from living cells. He proved this by boiling beef and living one out in the air and the other one…

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