Eveline, By James Joyce Essay examples

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In his 1914 short story, “Eveline,” James Joyce tells the story of a young girl facing a difficult decision. Throughout this story, Eveline must decide to leave the country with her love or continue to live in Ireland with her siblings and their abusive father. James Joyce writes this story in order to encourage his fellow Irishmen to flee the country and to break free of their stagnant situation. Joyce does this by comparing the men fleeing to the young girl deciding whether or not to leave her abusive father. Joyce shows how Eveline was paralyzed because of her father’s abuse, through Eveline 's memories of her father. The first way in which Joyce brings Eveline’s abusive father to the light, is when Joyce points out that the father used to chase her around and physically abuse her. In the short story, Eveline remembers suffering physical abuse in this memory, “her father used often to hunt them in out of the field with his blackthorn stick; but usually little Keogh used to keep nix and call out when he saw her father coming” (2). With this memory and the use of the word “often,” the reader understands that the abuse Eveline suffers is not just a one time thing, rather, it occurs on many occasions. Her father’s physical abuse has left her frozen in the current situation; she is afraid to leave. The abuse kept Eveline from enjoying her childhood. Joyce also uses this memory to inform the reader that even the other children understand the severity of Eveline 's abuse.…

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