Essay about Evaluation Of The Operant Conditioning Theory

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Reinforcement is a concept that has been defined throughout history and specifically a term that was coined when the operant conditioning theory was introduced. Early theorists in the far past were giving broad explanations as to what they believed was the process in which we learn new information. Later in the recent past psychologists were providing reinforcement theories, specifically the operant conditioning theory. This theory has everything pertaining to reinforcement which were more grounded on experimental work using animals. Today, we are not so much focusing on how to define reinforcement in terms of motivation, but rather hypothesizing about the application and contexts of reinforcement schedules. In the future, theories about reinforcement may be much more complex than the ones we use today. Society and the many cultures within may start to shift direction and become motivated by completely new or different reinforcers from the ones in the present time. The history of reinforcement has gone from vary vague concepts with no experimental support to strong, experimentally grounded theories, and will continue to expand in the future.
Far Past Behaviorist views dating before 1879 on reinforcement did not have strict definitions to go by. They were general beliefs that people held and relate to reinforcement. British empiricists help start the conversation of reinforcement with their theory that the mind was a blank slate at birth, and a person’s experiences…

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