Essay on Euthanasia Suicide Or Physician Assisted Suicide

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There are not many issues more personal or controversial than assisted suicide. Watching a family member in pain or critical health conditions can be extremely heartbreaking, especially for a terminal illness. Unfortunately, decisions have to be made, no matter how unpleasant it is–what is the next step? Assisted suicide or physician-assisted suicide(PAS) is one alternative for terminally ill patients with mental competence, though it is no easy task debating between two ends of the right to die. It involves the aide of physicians offering the patient with knowledge or means or both needed to commit suicide, prescribing a lethal dose of medication. PAS has divided opinions among people regarding the matter of suffering, use of resources and morality. In fact, only a handful of countries, including the US, allow this practice. Whereas in the US, five states- CA, OR, VT, WA and MT- allow assisted suicide. One needs to make careful consideration and listen to each side of the argument before making a decision as it is a life or death matters.
Suffering and pain concerning the patients is one debatable issue of the PAS. The advocates of PAS insist that individuals and their families should not be doomed to suffer physically and emotionally from their illness. One example is Sidney Hook who felt as if he “was drowning in a sea of slime” because of his congestive heart failure. Therefore, he believes people should have the choice to “be gently ease out their pain and life”…

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