Euthanasia And Physician Assisted Suicide Essay

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Euthanasia, a four syllable word with the literal power to kill. Since ancient times, colonies have used euthanasia to help those suffering ease into death. It’s even known that in classical Athens, city magistrates kept a supply of poison for anyone who wished to die (4). Several people have a tendency to associate euthanasia and physician assisted suicide (physician assisted suicide) with inhumane, harsh punishment when in fact, that is simply not the case. The two major types of euthanasia consist of passive euthanasia, in which patients are withheld from medical treatment at their own will and wait until they finally pass and the second, more commonly known type is active euthanasia where lethal substances or force are used to peacefully end a person’s life (2). Both types of euthanasia sound cringe worthy for sure, yet it is even more heartbreaking and disgusting to keep a person in a fatal, unimaginably painful situation in that state until they die. Because of this, euthanasia and physician assisted suicide should be internationally legalized despite the moral apprehensions held by society.
Before drinking the medicine that puts fatally ill patients into a coma, the older gentleman was asked by his doctor, “What will this medication do for you?” He quickly answered with, “It will kill me and make me happy (7).” Those within society who support euthanasia and physician assisted suicide tend to fall in line nicely with the Right to Die regulations. This means to…

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