Essay on Euthanasia And Physician Assisted Suicide

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Modern day technology is evolving constantly for purposes of expanding knowledge and making life more comfortable. Medicine is one of the few phenomena that has aided in the world population’s health and made the future of science and disease less vulnerable. Up to this day, there are a variety of treatments available to heal a person with diseases such as the fever, small pox, or some forms of cancer. Other miraculous technologies and procedures have been created too such as assisted suicide, in which it was described in “Euthanasia And Physician-Assisted Suicide In Dementia: A Qualitative Study Of The Views Of Former Dementia Carers,” “a doctor intentionally kills a person by administration of drugs” or “a doctor helps a person to commit suicide by providing drugs for self-administration” (Tomlinson and others). However, assisted suicide has become a heated topic of debate that has left the future looking unclear as to what extent science has control over.
In the case of euthanasia, a drug used for painless deaths, a debate was not developed until Darwinism became popularized. According to Ian Dowbiggin from Richard Weikart’s “Does Science Sanction Euthanasia or Physician-Assisted Suicide,” he stated, “Trends such as [...] Social Darwinism [...] had the effect of convincing a small yet articulate group in the twentieth century that traditional ethics no longer applied to decisions about death and dying” (Weikart). In other words, science was the basis behind human…

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