Essay about European Conquest And Colonization Of The Americas

1998 Words May 26th, 2016 8 Pages
In 1492 Christopher Columbus discovered the New World. This started the European conquest and colonisation of the Americas alongside the Columbian Exchange. A few years later in 1529, the Ottoman Empire’s serge into Europe was halted at Vienna. The zenith of Ottoman domination had been reached, but they were still a threat. Ottoman dominion reached Mecca in the south and Hungary in the north. Indeed the fact that they had comparable technology to the Europeans via Janissaries, plus there greater manpower reserve furthered this. Therefore both of these events had large ramifications in Europe, but the greater of the two was the former. By looking at four key determinants (political implications, identity of Europeans, transfer of people, and transfer of goods) this conclusion will be reached. The New World is shown to be more important in regards to two of these, but still very important in the other two effects, unlike the Ottoman threat. The determinants identified will be graded, major or minor, in regards to how much of Europe they impacted, to ascertain which was more influential. Additionally throughout the essay the Early Modern European period is defined as from the fall of Constantinople in 1453 to 1650. Contrary to Frank’s claim, the determinant of transfer of goods highlights the New World’s importance. Most obviously the New World offered goods that were previously unknown. One of these was chocolate. Whilst Girolamo Benzoni abhorred the drink and claimed it…

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