Ethics of the Textile Industry Essay

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The textile industry faces many ethical issues; unfortunately the outworking industry is a growing problem in the fashion world which often goes unheard of. While outworkers are facing poverty, Australian teenage fashion consumers are oblivious to this extreme ethical issue. Young people should be addressing the outworking industry in Australia in an attempt to improve the current and future economical and ethical situations. This essay will investigate the working conditions of outworkers, the amount of knowledge young Australians have about outworkers, the effect of the outworking industry on the wider community and will provide recommendations on how young Australian consumers can improve the situation in the outworking industry. …show more content…
If these attitudes change to wanting to help outworkers in Australia and teenage consumers did investigate the issues then Australian outworkers could be able to receive the protection they desperately need and want.
The youth of the Australian society have so much unused potential that could have such a monumental effect on the lives of the misfortunate, the outworkers, there are many things teenager consumers can do to improve the outworking industry. First off, teenagers should be taking action, example, writing letters to CEO’s of companies such as Puma and Nike and tell them workers should receive fair wages and decent conditions at work. Also stand up for the rights of outworkers, protest and make petitions so the government can provide equality and protection for outworkers in Australia. And finally buy sweatshop free clothing, if clothing carries the ECA (Ethical Clothing Australia) label the item has been manufactured in Australia and all workers have received legal pay, list of ECA Brands is listed in Appendix D. These recommendations can help not only the protection of Australian workers but it could also help the workers in Vietnam working for Nike and other underpaying manufacturers.
Outworking wages and living conditions are unimaginable, the workers in Australia have a large effect

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