Ethics : Moral Integrity And Ethical Behavior Essay

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Employability Have you ever considered the impact of moral integrity and ethical behavior on an individual’s life? These principles greatly impact not only our personal life but our professional life as well. To a considerable extent, our morals and ethics shape our professional behavior and in the healthcare profession these view points significantly impact both our patients and those we work alongside. As a result, morals and ethics are the rudder which sets the direction of our professional career.
Ethical Behavior vs. Moral Integrity While the difference between moral integrity and personal ethics can appear blurry, there is a difference. Ethical behavior is the result of society stating it is the right thing to do while moral integrity is our belief that something is right or wrong (Velazquez, Andre, Shanks, & Meyer, 2016). At times integrity and ethics in a person’s life can be opposed to each other. An example of is opposition is a physician who is against abortion for personal moral reasons but must perform them them due to a hospital’s ethical requirements Both ethics and integrity can be subject to change. Ethics depend upon others for definition and are consistent in a situation but can change between circumstances while moral integrity is usually consistent yet it can change if a person’s belief system changes (Velazquez, Andre, Shanks, & Meyer, 2016). An example of ethics changing between circumstances is the acceptance of ending the life (Morrison &…

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