Ethics Game Delima Essay

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Ethics Game Dilemma
Mysterious Roses and Cold Feet
March 12, 2013

Abstract Sexual Harassment and Falsifying data are an unethical practice that could happen in an organization. Leaders are required to take action. In the case of the Mysterious Roses and the case of the Cold Feet G BioSport find themselves resolving serious dilemmas. This discuss will address decision-making steps, ethical lenses used to make decisions, and ethical lenses that influence decisions.

Ethical issues presented in the simulation The Mysterious Roses and the Case of the Cold feet were two simulation that present different issues with different solution. The Mysterious Roses dealt with a sexual harassment incident with Gayle Dornier a worker
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Ethical perspectives or lenses used to make the decisions
In the case of the Mysterious Rose, the ethical thing to do is to make sure Gayle knows where the company stance is and inform her of the options. This gives her control of the issue as to if she wants to report this or any other issue. Employees need to feel safe and free from harassment. Another perspective is to offer all employees the chance to make things right and protect their work environment. Respectfully telling Bill his gift is not perceived as intended and asked to stop will give him the opportunity save face and avoid any further action by management.
The stakeholders in this simulation are the stockholders, the Board of Directors, the CEO, the CLO, Manager of Operations, the HR Director, and employees of the company. Even though not all stakeholders are involved with both issues, ethical decisions affect everyone involved with the company as well as the community.
Four different lenses are applied in the simulations to assist the user in making the best ethical decision. The four lens applied are Rights and Responsibility, Results, Relationship, and Reputation. The rights and responsibility lens deals with the duties of the company and management. Managers have a duty to the company to perform their duties in an ethical and per company values and expectations. Companies have a duty to

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