Ethics And Code Of Ethics Essay

874 Words May 1st, 2016 4 Pages
Often time’s psychologists, in addition to other various types of career fields, will find themselves in a situation where their license could be revoked or face jail time for releasing a client’s information and breaking confidentiality. Confidentiality is a respected, yet exceedingly difficult, part of psychology’s code of ethics. Difficult in which from time to time breaking confidentiality is inevitable due to cases such as where subpoenas are issued, the client is at harm of others, or of harm to themselves. It is a psychologist’s duty to protect a client’s privacy, meaning they take it very seriously. However, not only must psychologists follow their code of ethics, they must also comply with the law. With the amount of limitations and ethical issues that confidentiality poses, re-evaluation should be considered by the board of ethics to find solutions to the seemingly recurrent complications that will be discussed in further detail. As previously mentioned above, confidentiality is a respected and serious part of psychology’s code of ethics. One thing that should be recognized here though is that confidentiality is not only a part of psychology, but many other types of career fields as well. Some career fields in which confidentiality is taken into the utmost consideration include lawyers, the court systems, social workers, school counselors, military, and other healthcare professionals such as doctors and nurses. Persons of these fields take it upon themselves to…

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