Ethics And Behaviorism : Psychology Essay

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Ethics and Behaviorism
Psychology made remarkable transformations throughout the years, from the early beginnings of philosophical thinking to the more modern scientific method, psychology has been relentless; constantly changing and growing into the psychology that is known and respected today. Though all branches of psychology are important, behaviorism has its own special place in history. Behaviorism took over the world in the 1900’s, more specifically the world of psychology, and the man who led this take over was John Watson. Watson is the official founder of behaviorism because he fought to establish not only himself but also his new form of psychology (Schultz & Schultz, 2011). Many people were fascinated with Watson and his ideas, one in particular was Mary Jones. She has attended one of Watson’s speeches where he described his experiment about human conditioning. Upon hearing about his discovery, Jones became curious enough to conduct her own. Both the experiments of Watson and Jones made great contributions to the world of behaviorism, but they also brought attention to the ethical aspect of experimenting.
John Watson, noted as the most handsome behaviorist of his time, set out on a mission to gather up observable information that could back up his theories about human behavior. He started with an experiment involving a little baby named Albert, who was almost too perfect for this experiment. According to Watson, Albert was in full health and had no reaction to…

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