Ethical Issues In Managed Care

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INTRODUCTION The first managed care program was introduced in the United States in the late 19th century by a few insurance companies for businesses. (Kongstvedt, pg.3) Now in the 21st century managed care has evolved into a complex web not only for consumers of managed care but for the providers who are trying to provide the best clinical care for their patients. In this paper, we will discuss what managed care is (types), but also look at the complexities involved that make it difficult for providers to give their patients the care they deserve. This paper will look at the following key issues facing providers in a managed care world; limitations within the network, medical necessity and denial of services, government regulations, formularies, …show more content…
They still pay part of the cost if you go outside the network
• POS- A point-of-service plan is a type of managed care plan that is a hybrid of HMO and PPO plans.


Limitations with Network
The terms precertification, referral, pre-authorization/prior authorization and prior justification all refer to scenarios in which a provider or member is responsible for seeking approval from the health-care plan before services can be considered. A provider who is participating with a health plan is contractually obligated to meet these responsibilities.
• Precertification means that the provider must contact the health plan prior to admitting a patient into the hospital.
• Referral means that the provider must contact the health plan before sending a patient for treatment by a specialist or outpatient treatment facility.
• Prior authorization means that the provider must contact the health plan before prescribing certain medications.
• Prior justification means that the provider must contact the health plan prior to performing specific procedures.
Providers Are Being
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According to United Healthcare, the main objective of a medical necessity determination process is to “improve the appropriateness and affordability of care through an end-to-end strategy that includes prior authorization of services along with inpatient concurrent and retrospective review, as supported by Generally Accepted Standards of Medical Practice (UHC, 2012).” Although most health plans and healthcare facilities may have a slight difference in the wording of their definition of “medical necessity, they still share close similarities when it comes to the meaning of “medical necessity.” The medical necessity determination process serves two main goals, and that is to: enhance access to quality care and healthcare

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