Ethan Frome By Edith Wharton Essay

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In Psychology, there are many different perspectives. Through these differing perspectives, psychologists may see the same issue through different eyes. With the Behaviorist approach, the environment of the patient contributes to the problem the patient has. Things like where the patient lives and Similarly, the setting of the novella Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton contributes to a deeper meaning other than a description of the place where Wharton stages the story. Undoubtedly, Edith Wharton uses the setting to illuminate the qualities of Naturalism, create symbolism, and develop the persona of Ethan Frome in her novella of the same name. Certainly, Edith Wharton’s use of setting in Ethan Frome categorizes the novella as a literary work in the Naturalism genre. In particular, the setting depicts Ethan as a victim of fate, a quality of Naturalism pieces. Throughout the novel, Ethan tries to escape Starkfield, his marriage, and his unhappiness. The only way to escape his problems exists through running away with the only spark of hope in his life: Mattie Silver. Hopeless, Ethan lies in his study the night before Mattie must leave the Frome’s home thinking of a plan to escape his marriage; he remembers a man who left Starkfield and left his wife with the girl he cared for in the same way Ethan cares for Mattie. Unsurprisingly, his wife divorced him, and the couple found success out West. This idea strikes a chord in Ethan’s heart and he begins a letter to Zeena explaining…

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