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Estella Havisham is one of the most important characters in the bildungsroman Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. She is the love interest of the main character, Pip, and she consequentially ends up shaping the way that he lives his life in order for her to become interested in him. However, it can be argued that this only happens due to the way that Estella is raised by Miss Havisham. She is not Estella’s true mother, so one could say that if she had been brought up by her real parents, Molly and Abel Magwitch, she would be different, altering the storyline. These two “families” have many similarities and differences, Miss Havisham being the better choice to affect the way that Estella lives,
Even though there are obvious differences
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First, both Havisham and Abel have some relations to Compeyson, but Magwitch’s connection can bring the most impact to Estella. If it was known that Estella was the daughter of Magwitch, than Compeyson could have tried to attack her in order to lure Magwitch to his death, effectively placing both of them in danger. This is illustrated by Dickens in the quote “If Compeyson were alive and should discover his return, I should hardly doubt the consequence“ (Dickens 341). Also, economically, Estella is more comfortable and safer with Miss Havisham, more sheltered than if she had been raised “common.” She has far more selections to marry wealthy, and gentleman may have a lower chance of being raised to degrade women of such a high class. Furthermore, Estella does not have to face any fears of being separated from Miss Havisham, since she never leaves Satis House, and does not have a career. This is unlike with Magwitch and Molly, because Magwitch is a wanted criminal who would be killed if found. It can be shown that Estella did end up getting raised by the most suitable person, Miss

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