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Essay Option 1: Vacation in Omelas
It’s the beginning of the summer season in the beautiful land of Omelas. The citizens of Omelas are busy preparing for the much anticipated summer festival. Music was playing, people were dancing, and children played in the streets. Jeremy Bentham and Immanuel Kant stroll through the downtown village and overhear a discussion between some older children. The children have discovered the child being kept against it’s will in a basement is there to preserve the rest of the citizens happiness. The philosophers must go see what all the discussion is about.
BENTHAM: We must find that child!
KANT: Let’s have one of those children guide us.
BENTHAM: Good thinking.
KANT: Excuse me child but we are vacationing here and have heard of a child held captive in a basement. Can you show us the way to this basement?
CHILD: I can, but I must warn you it is not a pleasant sight. I’m not sure two tourists would want to see this.
BENTHAM: I think we can handle it. The child directs the two philosophers to the basement that houses the lone child. The child points to the entrance but refuses to show them all the way and enter the basement ever again. Bentham and Kant slowly walk down the stairs into the cellar and immediately their jaws drop. The two are speechless as they see the child sitting there. Bentham and Kant to leave the basement at once.
KANT: How are they able to use that child as a means for an end? How can all of the citizens allow for this?…

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