Essay On Upward Mobility

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Go to school, get a job, succeed: the three goals of the modern American. However, without the first two goals, success does not appear to be a realistic option. America used to be the land of opportunity, but it is no longer the case - so economists say. People from low class, out of country, or disadvantaged families could come to the United States and succeed enough to create a better life. Yet, the 21st century has proved different. Upward mobility is a far reach for many, families tend to stay in the same social classes even through generations. The elite are still gaining while the poor are still losing. Many feel that some of these issues are due to the idea of the bounty, a term for all the productivity of life gains provided by new …show more content…
Coming from Portland, Maine, I see first hand the struggle that families have in the lower classes. Students with parents with no education, low income, and little real-world knowledge struggle to break the class barrier. We do not see the same upward mobility that we once saw. Even though they are supplied with iPads and MacBook Pros in school, they will not gain the same type of education that they need because they cannot afford it. This means that while the world demands students to be proficient in every subject from simple algebra to calculus, many students are not even open to the opportunity of such education. More opportunities need to be open to students like how Stanford Professor Thrun opened his AI course to the public and found 400+ people who scored better than the top Stanford student. But, this does not happen. Instead, we depend on each public school, who all have different policies and means of teaching, to provide equal educations and experiences to students across the nation. Ultimately, we see that students are somewhat left on their own to find a way to compete with the affluent upper

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