Essay On The Relationship Between The Individual And Society By C Wright Mills

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A.) The relationship between the individual and society is very important. C. Wright Mills’ goal was to help people understand society and its social change and that was by applying it to sociological imagination. Humans should care about the relationship between the individual and society because without individuals, societies can’t be formed. C Wright Mills made it very clear for us by thoroughly explaining the importance of sociological imagination. Sociological imagination allows us to get out of our head with regard to how we think about social problems. We should step into other people’s shoes to see from their perspective, what’s going on in their mind. We should be able to develop a way of looking at things in society from the point of view of the person experiencing sociological phenomena. Humans can’t really look at things from their own ethical point of view. C Wright Mills’ goal was to encourage us to step out of our mindset. This all concludes to us, being able to perceive the essence of sociological imagination by experiencing how people would behave with one another or other problems that they would face.
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Divorce tends to weaken adults and children both physically and mentally. It has an impact on not only the couple, but their children as well. Divorce affects children’s’ feelings and minds. There can be positive and negative impact of divorce. Some positive impacts are that divorce can save people from bad marriages. Marriages that consist of torture and abuse can be avoided. On the other hand, divorce has a negative impact in the society regarding money, well-being, and children. After a divorce, both men and women have to suffer financially, mentally, and physically. Divorce makes people nervous about marriage and many tend to stay single. Divorce costs a lot of money and not everyone can afford it. Another negative impact divorce has in the society is poverty. Families are badly affected by

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